The new Gagarin International Airport relies on a proven duo

In Saratow on the so-called «mountain shore» of the Volga, the new airport relies on the proven machines and technologies from MAN and Schmidt in order to ensure trouble-free operation particularly in snowy winters. The know-how of both partners is crucial to ensure that tractive units and jet sweepers are not only optimally geared to each other but also to the airport conditions in terms of working speed and manoeuvrability.

Runways are usually cleared of snow and ice at pretty high speeds. If the tractive unit and the jet sweeper such as our Schmidt TJS do not harmonize optimally, the plough can quickly become unstable. The drive and braking systems of the two units must also be matched to each other and consider the special winter conditions. Similar challenges also exist with compact jet sweepers (such as Schmidt CJS), which are used primarily on aprons and taxiways, but can or must also support the fleet on the runways in heavy snowfall.

Read more from our partner MAN about how exactly the fleet was designed at the new Gagarin International Airport – in Russian, of course …