Lauchringen expands its fleet with a Multigo

With the construction of the Riedpark, the municipality of Lauchringen is growing and with it the area to be cultivated. Not only does the Multigo support the town operations center year-round, but also offers an ergonomically certified workplace. The municipality tells us here why they chose the Multigo.

“The low construction height and the possibility of connecting a plough with a plastic rail for clearing composite stones” is Mr König’s (head of the town operations center) answer to the question why the municipality of Lauchringen decided to purchase the new Multigo. The underground car park of the new Riedpark is a special challenge with a height of 2.05 m. It had to be mastered, as the new member of the vehicle fleet is to be used as a snow clearing and spreading machine in winter for the new area which also includes a shopping arcade.

In summer, the Multigo will return to the town operations center of Lauchringen, where its use is already planned. The municipality uses the Multigo to water green areas. This is where the advantages of the four-wheel drive and low weight come into play. These make it possible to water pavements and green areas. Thanks to the maximum weight of 3.5 t, the Multigo can also be driven with a class B driving license. This enables the municipality of Lauchringen to plan its personnel flexibly.

Apart from the efficient use of the new vehicle, the municipality of Lauchringen also appreciates the maneuverability and the value for money. Mr König also sees the purchase as an investment in the health of the employees. Another advantage is the panoramic cabin, which offers a good overview and increases safety.

The Multigo is not the first Schmidt vehicle in the fleet of the municipality of Lauchringen: “We appreciate Schmidt products because of their durability, quality and local production” says Mr König.

Multigo & Swingo

We wish the municipality of Lauchringen a safe journey with the new all-rounder and thank them for their trust.