If you need to be flexible, the best choice is an Aebi VT 450 Vario

The hydroelectric power station Löntsch, located in the canton of Glarus (Switzerland), is a medium-sized high-pressure storage power station. The operator of the power plant is not only responsible for the plant itself but also for the maintenance of the surrounding area. A flexible vehicle that can be used all year round is therefore mandatory. But which factor significantly influenced the decision for an Aebi VT 450 Vario?

Löntsch is the name of a small stream that drains the Klöntalersee, which is well known to tourists, over a length of about 6 km. The “Wiggis” mountain massif also runs along the stream. In it there is a 4 km long pressure tunnel, which leads the water from the lake to the engine house. The power station, which was overhauled just a few years ago, is one of over a hundred power stations operated by Axpo – a leading, internationally active energy service provider.

In winter, snow clearing and snow cutting are among the core tasks of the maintenance team. In summer, maintenance and assembly work are the main focus. The circuitousness of the plant requires many trips and transports throughout the year. The demands on a vehicle for operational service are therefore high. In the event of an incident, the maintenance team must provide immediate assistance and carry out a wide range of maintenance and assembly work itself.

Aebi VT 450 Vario with Schmidt snow plough

Our Aebi VT 450 Vario has now won the tender for a new and flexibly usable vehicle. With a reinforced tipper and attached crane, it can transport all kinds of materials and carry out assembly work. Flexibility and time are gained in winter with the mounting plate, which allows easy changing between snow blower and snow plough. However, when we asked why the VT 450 Vario won the tender, Bruno Steiger (reservoir manager) gives us an answer that goes beyond the list of features: “Because the VT 450 is a pure Vario”. The fully adjustable drive enables a permanently friction-locked running gear, even when changing direction, accelerating and decelerating. This allows safe winter maintenance that is gentle on the machine.

Aebi VT 450 Vario with crane and reinforced tipper

Of course, for a professional it is not only a question of what a vehicle can do, but also how it behaves. Together with our market partner in Mollis, Schneider Landmaschinen und Mechanik AG, we wish Bruno Steiger and his team lots of fun at work and a safe journey!

Our market partner Schneider Landmaschinen und Mechanik AG and the maintenance team from Axpo