Swenson: technology leader and first choice of North American municipalities

For over 85 years Swenson has been building the winter maintenance equipment that states, cities and municipalities depend on to keep their roads safe, so that their economies keep moving during the winter months. As the technology leader, Swenson currently introduces itself with a new commercial as first choice for municipalities interested in more profitable and ecological winter maintenance.

To draw people in to learn what it takes to keep America’s roads safe each winter, Swenson gives viewers a peek into just exactly how that is done. The commercial features the latest innovations like the the EVolution spreader which can drastically reduce salt consumption, lessening the burden of material costs on a community or business. A welcome cost savings as many customers are facing shrinking budgets. 

Swenson EVolution Spreader

Next to the 30 second commercial, Swenson provides additional information on the breadth of Swenson products and their benefits to both cost and the environment in a longer 2:50 minute video, including appearances by Aebi Schmidt North American CEO, Jochen Schneider and Swenson Products CEO, Ryan Widner. Everyone at Swenson joined in to prepare for and participate in the commercial production and one star Swenson employee even made final the cut – you’ll catch long time Swenson employee Kevin A. at the twelve second mark of the commercial.