Schmidt MSH – the user and resident friendly sweeper in tight spaces

The Schmidt MSH towed sweeper is one of the most popular machines in the range of Bengt Bergs Maskinservice AB in Partille, a suburb of Gothenburg in Sweden. Small and compact, easy to operate and extremely manoeuvrable, it is popular for use in tight spaces in densely populated residential and urban areas – not least because of its low noise level.

“The Schmidt MSH convinced our customers right from the start. It is reliable, safe to operate and has a long service life,” says Martin Svensson, sales representative at Bengt Berg. “It’s not so easy to find small machines in Sweden that can efficiently clean narrow roads and sidewalks of maximum 1.5 m width.” The Schmidt MSH meets this requirement and is available in two variants: with a steel hopper with a capacity of either 0.7 m³ or 1.5 m³.

The main time of use for the Schmidt MSH is in spring and autumn. While in spring the focus is on collecting grit and gritting material, in autumn flowers, grass and leaves are collected from courtyards, paths and forecourts. During the cleaning process with the Schmidt MSH, the swept material is conveyed to the centre by two disc brushes mounted in front of the axle. The roller brush located behind the axle then flings the swept material into the large-volume hopper. Thanks to a water system with 4 spray nozzles on the sweeping unit, optimum dust binding is guaranteed, so that excellent sweeping results can be achieved. 

“However, the Schmidt MSH is so popular with our customers not only because of its efficient cleaning and ease of operation, but also because of the service and fast delivery of spare parts in case something should break” Martin Svensson further explains.

In addition to its use in housing estates and residential areas, the Schmidt MSH is also popular in parks, small sweeping areas and narrow sidewalks thanks to its maximum manoeuvrability. The swivelling drawbar and variable hitch make it possible to clean even hard-to-reach areas efficiently.

The MSH is driven by the tractor’s PTO or, alternatively, via the vehicle hydraulics of a towing vehicle. Functions such as switching the sweeping operation on and off in combination with the water pump or lifting, lowering and tilting the hopper are operated via the intuitively designed control panel in the vehicle cab.

“I can really say with pride that ‘Once a customer, always a customer’ applies to the Schmidt MSH entirely,” says Martin Svensson. Locations for the Schmidt MSH are therefore not only places with dense population, but also explicit places of silence, such as cemeteries. Because where, if not there, does the low noise emission offer real added value.