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Aebi down under

18,760 kilometres of distance or 20 hours of flight time – there is hardly any place in the world which is further away from the birthplace of the Aebi vehicles than New Zealand. Anyone who only associates the “red Ferraris” from Burgdorf with steep mountain slopes and lush alpine meadows would be surprised to learn of all the places across the globe where they are found. The typical Aebi red also shines in quite a few fields down under, and not only there…

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From A to Z – ASH original spare parts logistics chain

Any chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This is also true of a chain where it is particularly important for individual links to join together perfectly: the logistics chain. Logistics dictates the pace of any production operation. If it falters, it is only a matter of time before everything comes to a standstill.

A fully functioning logistics (chain) is therefore not just an important part of our production processes in our factories. It must also guarantee that our customers can be supplied with original spare parts across the full life cycle of the equipment and machinery. All year round and all over the world.

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The greatest happiness of earth lies…

…. on two blades and quite smooth ice

Friday morning at 6.30 am and -15° Celsius, the sun is still hiding deeply below the Kärntner alps. Otto de Boer pulls his scarf closer around his neck and a puts on his headlight. Beside him another 1500 early risers who gathered in the charming little place Weissensee in Austria are looking forward to the starting signal – the starting signal for an unusual but by now traditional spectacle: the “Alternative Dutch 11-Cities-Tour“. The scenery ist he biggest natural ice surface in all of Europe: The Weissensee.