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Efficiently packed

Terratrac, VT450 Vario and Combicut can not always be moved on their own wheels to the operation site either because parts of the way is on a highway, the distance is too far or just because there are not enough drivers to get all the machines from A to B at the same time.

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Supremely slim – Aebi MT with fire-fighting equipment

When the fire service is called, every second counts. However, large emergency vehicles often reach their limits particularly in tight little alleyways in old towns or on rough terrain in mountainous regions. These limits can sometimes be life-threatening if emergency workers and equipment cannot get to the scene of an incident quickly enough. By contrast, the 1.70-metre-wide narrow-track transporters Aebi MT750/MT740 (1.60 metre on the Aebi MT720) can maneuver with ease even in narrow little alleys and, with a fire-fighting attachment, it offers the full range of functions of larger emergency vehicles.