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Practicing for winter services – at 21 degrees

It weighs 26 tons, holds thousands of liters of salt or brine and should quickly clear the carriageway of the A7 between Hamburg and Bordesholm in Germany: the winter-service vehicle of highway maintenance service. It is always in use, when there are difficult conditions on the roads: rain or shine, snow and flash freeze, drivers must have their car fully under control anytime. So the drivers completed a special driver training – end of September at 21 degrees.

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Winter service in extreme conditions

“Good luck” (the German miners’ greeting) echoes through the halls of the Schönfeld Road Maintenance Depot in the Ore Mountains early in the morning. The thermometer reads -21 °C as the first few sun rays appear above Saxony’s highest mountain, the Fichtelberg. About 30 staff members at the Schönfeld Road Maintenance Depot take care of the roads – in both summer and winter. As soon as the first snow falls, things get particularly turbulent for the road surveyors. Then it’s time to harness the ploughs and load de-icing salt.