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Efficiently packed

Terratrac, VT450 Vario and Combicut can not always be moved on their own wheels to the operation site either because parts of the way is on a highway, the distance is too far or just because there are not enough drivers to get all the machines from A to B at the same time.

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Aebi down under

18,760 kilometres of distance or 20 hours of flight time – there is hardly any place in the world which is further away from the birthplace of the Aebi vehicles than New Zealand. Anyone who only associates the “red Ferraris” from Burgdorf with steep mountain slopes and lush alpine meadows would be surprised to learn of all the places across the globe where they are found. The typical Aebi red also shines in quite a few fields down under, and not only there…

Two Aebi TT211 and TT280 in their element… Equipped with snowblowers they showed at a Winter Demo on the Col des Mosses in western of Switzerland, their range of service and their power.  

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World leader at the Ski World Cup

The giant slalom in Adelboden at „Chuenisbärgli“ is known as one of the most difficult in the world. The challenging downhill slope with a maximum inclination of 60% is quite an affair and especially the steep finishing slope demands a lot from the athletes. While for the winter sportsmen a few seconds determine victory or defeat, the World cup requires months of preparation for the team of the racing director Hans Pieren. Especially in the last few days before the race every helping hand – or machine – counts. Aebi supports the organisation committee with an Aebi TT280 with crawler track and overhead winch, as well as an Aebi VT450 Vario Transporter. Following the principle: ‘world leading technology for world class athletes’.